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In today’s digital world your personal files and pictures are valuable. Not only the time and effort it takes to create documents but the memories and photos that cannot be recreated. Gone are the days of taking your negatives to get another set of photos; life is digital and needs to be backed-up.


There are many ways you can lose your data, from accidentally deleting it, viruses and bugs, even theft and It is not simply a case of ‘IF’ your computer breaks but ‘WHEN’, therefore it is essential to make regular back-ups.


Purchasing an external hard drive is the most cost effective way to protect your files. Simply plug it in to your computer and just like a memory stick you can copy as little or as much as you want onto it.


So now you have done a back-up everything is going to be safe right? Wrong. Even external hard drives don’t last forever and just like your computer can get infected with viruses. This is why it is essential to have more than one backup, don’t put all your eggs in one basket as they say. It is also a good idea, where possible, to store your backup devices in different locations. Being good and having several backups won’t matter if the worst happens, like a break-in or fire.


The mind-set to take when it comes to your data and memories is this; if it all got lost tomorrow then how big of a disaster would it be? That’s what we thought. IF you want any further advice on different ways to back up then give us a call or pop in to our store.


Now, go back up!

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