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Buying a Refurbished Laptop or PC, things to consider…

When looking to buy a Laptop the first thing you need to think of is, what am I going to use it for? The answer is normally a variation of Web Browsing, Email, some Office work, watching Films or all the above. Unless you are looking to do some serious gaming then any Laptop will meet your needs.

The main benefit of buying a refurbished Laptop or PC is getting a lot more for your money. Many of the items listed on our site are Factory Refurbished or Unwanted Returns. So you can get an “As Good as New” product for a hefty discount.


So how do you decide which one to go for? Much like buying a new car, its going to get you from A to B but there is so much choice…

Generally speaking, the more you spend the more your going to get. So if you want power and speed look at your budget and consider going for a laptop with a better processor or a bit more ram. Storage is also becoming more important as we store more and more of our precious photos, music and movies on our laptops.


If you are just using your computer for general office work and web browsing then storage isn’t going to be high on the list, anything under 500GB is more than ample. If you are looking to store lots of photos and other media then consider 500GB and above as an essential.


Most of us have Brands that we know and trust, this will always be a key factor when choosing to get a Laptop or PC but you shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new. As we are also a Repair Company we are conscious of build quality and use our experience to choose what we sell or don’t sell. So you can be confident that all of the models on our site are ones that we ourselves would be happy owning.

There is often a concern when buying anything refurbished that you may run into problems sooner. While there will obviously be some reduced lifespan all items are fully tested to make sure they are in full working order. Working to a strict Data Protection Policy all machines are wiped and a clean Operating System installed.


When buying online it is important to know that should issues arise you have somewhere to go back to for help. Many online retailers operate from a Warehouse or even from home. We are a Bricks-and-mortar store that has been trading for over 10 Years and with an experienced repair center at our store you can buy with confidence knowing that our team are always here to help.


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