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We’ve all been there before. Your shiny iPhone meets concrete and with one sickening crunch, it needs a new screen. Looking for a reputable, reliable source that can not only supply but replace your screen can be taxing and time consuming.

Ringing around for pricing can also be confusing. Why are some people cheaper than others? After all, they all use the same screens, right?




When getting your iPhone repaired, its easy to be led purely on price. But what you need to remember is you are not only buying a part, but also paying someone to fit it professionally.  And the parts are not always of the same quality. Sure, its easy for someone like ourselves – when someone under cuts us on price – to respond with “Our parts are higher quality”. Sounds like sour grapes doesn’t it?


But its true. At Laptop Station, we don’t aim to be the cheapest, because being so would mean compromising on the quality of screen we use.


To explain further, its best to give a brief synopsis of the minefield that is sourcing iPhone Screens. All Screens are imported from China, of which there are hundreds of companies offering varying qualities of screens. This quality ranges from complete OEM Original parts – a like for like with what’s shipped inside the phone from new – to cheap China branded versions, made entirely of copied parts. The costs can vary wildly, sometimes up to 30 Dollars can separate them in price.


Very few places supply genuine OEM Original Parts; Few in the UK would pay for them! That means it’s a choice between quality of compatible screens.  Here at Laptop Station, we avoid the cheapest China branded screens. This is due to the quality control and the way in which they are manufactured.


To expand, the cheapest LCD Screens are hot pressed. What this means is the LCD is stuck to the Glass front using a heat based method. These screens therefore can suffer from Screen separation; that’s when the screen comes away from the frame. They are also tested just once prior to shipping. As such, they take less time to make and as such cost less at the expense of a higher return rate.

The Screens we purchase are Cold pressed. This is a much more stable, but time consuming method which suffers from very little issues. They are also tested three times by Foxconn Authorised Technicians; Foxconn are the company that Apple use to manufacture OEM originals. They cost more, but the quality is of a Premium. It’s no coincidence that since swapping to this quality of screen, we sent back just 27 faults LCDs in the entirety of 2016!

Take iPhone 6S Screens as a perfect example. The UK market has recently been flooded with Complete Copy China brands. These have zero original parts, meaning functions like the force touch are extremely intermittent. They can, however, be supplied and fitted for as little as £75.


We avoid these screens.  Currently we supply LG Quality Components, with the most important parts being Original parts. These have an extremely low rate of failure, but cost £99 to fix.


I repeat what I said earlier. At Laptop Station, we don’t aim to be the cheapest. We won’t  compromise on the quality, even if it means we lose some sales to competitors using cheaper parts! Our aim has and always will be to offer you the best quality parts, with the least rate of failure.  So next time you hear that sickening crunch, don’t be led purely on price. You only want to replace that screen once, so use better components, even If it costs slightly more.


Head over to our Repairs Page to book your iPhone in today.

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