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Over the years the mobile phone has changed quite dramatically. Once upon a Nokia 3210 phones used to bounce, not anymore! WE have all had the heart-stopping moment when your iPhone slips out of your hand and lands face down on the floor. The all too familiar sound of glass cracking and the fear of picking up then turning over that hard earned phone. Some of us breathe a sigh of relief, others a few tears as the thought of the bank balance dropping!


To increase your chances of being the ones who breathe that sigh of relief you need to protect your phone. Yes they are as much a stylish accessory as a necessity but that doesn’t mean you should leave it vulnerable. They are after all just some metal and glass.


There are a range of cases on the market that will help to protect your phones, covering the back and often giving a little bumber to the edge in order to prevent the screen from the hitting the floor. They don’t always work though as many will have found out the hard way.


One way to help reduce the risks of damage to your screen is to fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector. For only £5 you can place a second layer of glass on top of your screen which will absorb the impact, hopefully saving that precious screen underneath.


£5 for a tempered glass or 10 times the amount to replace your screen, I know what I’d choose! Remember to add tempered glass at the checkout, compatible with all iPhone and iPad models. Protect your iPhone!

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