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Quality, Refurbished Laptops & Computers - Tested & Guaranteed

Refurbished HP Laptops

Welcome to refurbished HP laptops at Laptop Station – The award-winning UK-based used HP laptop specialist. You can buy a range of reconditioned HP laptops that are checked, tested, and ready to deliver. Whether you’re in the UK, Ireland or Europe – we deliver HP laptops speedily for personal, school or work usage.

Quality, Refurbished HP Laptops

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Laptop Station – HP Laptop Experts

Here are six great reasons to choose Laptop Station for your next refurbished HP laptop:

  1. All reconditioned HP laptops are tested at our test centre in Eastbourne – which includes screens, keywords, trackpads, microphones, speakers and ports
  2. We install a fresh version of Windows 10 (or Windows 11) on your HP laptop and install all required updates, so you’re ready to go
  3. Our refurbished HP laptops include a full clean and sanitisation. We record any marks and blemishes
  4. Our HP refurbished laptops are just as reliable as buying brand new
  5. Over 1,500+ customers have reviewed our service, including their HP laptop purchase
  6. Buy a refurbished HP laptop with a warranty from us for complete peace of mind

Why Choose Us for HP Laptops?

  1. We sell UK HP laptops – Keyboards are UK layouts, meaning the symbols and layout of the keyboards are familiar
  2. Our laptops are sent with a fully tested power supply
  3. Refurbished HP laptops are even more flexible as they can have their memory and storage upgraded to give even better performance and value for money.

HP Laptops for WORK

Whether you’re working from home, or need a replacement laptop for your office, the HP range, including HP Envy or HP 2-in-one models are powerful and offer outstanding value for money.

Touch screen HP laptops are becoming a trend for busy executives that are looking for the benefits of a new HP notebook and tablet combined. HP touchscreen laptops are available in a range of screen sizes, ideal for mobile working.

HP Laptops for SCHOOL

If you’re looking for a specific feature on your HP laptop, we have a range of in-stock HP laptops with backlit keyboards, fingerprint readers and high-performance AMD and Intel processors.

At Laptop Station, you can upgrade your HP laptop too! Check out the range of storage and memory upgrades available on the product page.

Windows 10 HP Laptops

If you’re looking for an HP laptop with Windows 10, our wide range of Windows 10 Home edition laptops is suitable for you. If your business is looking to take advantage of the professional features that Windows 10 offers on HP laptops, take a look at our upgrade options displayed on the product page.

HP Laptop Deals

Many HP laptops listed on our website are in a ‘like new condition’ – often because the box has been opened, and the computer inside is brand new. These are fantastic choices if you’re looking for a HP laptop deal.

HP LAPTOP Chromebooks

Simple web browsing tasks, emails and watching videos can be completed on the popular Chrome OS, an alternative to Windows. More than ever, the light-weight, speedy operating Chrome OS features in-built security to help keep you safe when you’re online.


Our open-box deals offer great value if you’re looking to grab a cheap HP laptop deal, and our laptops come with a warranty, power supply and optional extras including anti-virus and Office, simply add it on as you checkout.


Upgrade Options on most Items


Thoroughly Tested & Ready to Go


Up to 24 Months Warranty & Support

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