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Why Custom Builds are the way to go…

Custom building your own PC is nothing new but it has seen a resurgence in recent times and here at Laptop Station we love nothing more than building them for you. In our opinion there are many different reasons why choosing a Custom Built PC over an “off-the-shelf” PC is the better option and we have listed some of them below.


  1. Choice of Cases…

Lets be honest, the line of boring repetitive monochromatic cases found on the shelf in most computer stores are a bit, well, boring! There is a huge array of different designs in all shapes and sizes out there so why spend good money on a PC to have sat in a boring black box? You wouldn’t put a Ferrari engine in a 1994 Fiat Panda, would you? Assuming your human you wouldn’t, so why treat your PC any differently?

Looks aside there are other benefits to getting a good quality case, increased air flow can not only increase performance by keeping temperatures down but also extend the life of you PC.

Most cases will have space for you to add multiple Graphics Cards, Hard Drives, Optical Drives and other components giving you flexibility to upgrade in the future as and when the needs arises.


  1. Choosing your own Parts…

When you buy an “off-the-shelf” PC you never really know what you are getting. Sure you know what specification it is but most manufacturers will use lower quality components in order to keep costs down and help with the profit margins.

Yes, cost is important, but not always the over riding factor. As the saying goes; buy cheap, buy twice.

Choosing your own parts gives you flexibility to prioritise where to spend your budget. Spending a little more on a better quality board and adding more memory at a later date will, in the long run, serve you better.

Using our Custom Build Page will let you choose every aspect of your build to suit your needs so you can choose where to spend your budget.

  1. Power Supply…

This fits in nicely with the above. The most overlooked spec is the part that powers your unit. Many Pre-built PCs use low Wattage Power Supplies with plenty of unnecessary, fiddly cables which – if you pick a case with a side window – messes up the interior. A higher Wattage PSU will not only avoid a loud POP during your favourite game, but will also future proof you if you wish to add additional Graphics Cards. Pick a Fully Modular PSU to avoid unnecessary cabling being on show.


  1. Operating System…

We’ve all been there, you start up your new PC and your inundated with a desktop full of icons and subscriptions services you just don’t want or need. Manufacturers get commission from software companies for installing their software on their machines. Not only is this frustrating to have remove them all its also time consuming and it can slow down your PC.

We install a fresh Operating System on every build. So you get a nice clean slate for you to do with what you want. No Pop-Ups, No Trials, No Subscriptions, No Fuss.


  1. Having a Custom Built PC is just plain cool…

Whether its Gaming, Music or Editing, having a Custom Built PC shows you’re serious. With high-end displays becoming more affordable and more stunning in design who wants a boring black box sat next to it? Be proud of your PC, your investment, have a PC the looks as good on the outside as it is on the inside.

The satisfaction of choosing each individual component and then selecting a great case to put it in is as rewarding as it is practical. By going for a Custom Build you can select good quality parts (a fun process in itself) and you know exactly what you are getting for your money.


Check out our Custom Build page and start building your dream PC.


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