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Quality, Refurbished Laptops & Computers - Tested & Guaranteed

Cheap Laptop Deals

Were you looking for a new laptop? Our vast range of laptops has you covered. Whether it’s a Windows laptop, MacBook or Chromebook or something super-light to use on the move, browse our laptop models from popular brands including HP, Dell, ASUS, Apple and Lenovo.


Cheap Laptops For Sale

These are our latest laptop deals on our website. Don’t delay; we carry limited stock on these laptop deals – so don’t miss out.

Budget Laptops

A common misconception is that budget laptops are poor quality or are very old – meaning they won’t last long. For example, our great value Acer laptops are easily upgraded, meaning you can add more memory or a bigger drive to store more files. Simply add it on at the checkout. It’s often much better to upgrade the components than pay for a more expensive laptop.

Affordable Laptops

One of the most affordable laptop brands is our HP laptop collection. HP laptops are perfect as some models are highly versatile, light-weight and offer enhanced features, including full HD displays, backlit keyboards and fingerprint readers for peace of mind on your computer security. HP laptops are extremely popular with students and business users alike, and our open-box deals mean that you can pick up a powerful processor and still slash the cost compared to buying brand new.

Are Cheap Laptops Worth It?

Getting your hands on a discounted or cheap laptop can work out worthwhile, and there are plenty to choose from depending on your needs. For some, basic email access and web surfing is all you need – all our laptop models are compatible.

Sometimes you need a portable computer capable of handling multiple tasks at once, numerous documents, or photo editing – we recommend looking at our range of 8Gb RAM laptops which are suitable for advanced computing users.

Additional ‘nice to have’ features such as full HD screens, an enhanced sound, or Apple laptops can have a premium price – so if they’re not essential, look at our full range of cheap laptop deals.

Keeping this guidance in mind for buying your next laptop will help you find the right laptop, offering the best value. If you’re unsure which cheap computer is the right one, you can ask one of our friendly team at Laptop Station – we’ve been offering laptop deals since 2010, and we know a thing or two about finding you the best cheap laptop.

Cheap Laptop Deals

You’ve found us at the right time, our Summer and Autumn sales are in full swing, and you can grab a discount on your next laptop. We’ll set it up and install your essential programs, so they’re ready to use as soon as you receive your laptop.

Cheap Gaming Laptops

Dedicated graphics, high-performance displays and fast processors are critical for a lag-free gaming experience, and our in-stock gaming laptops offer tremendous value for money compared to buying brand new in the shops. Upgradable gaming laptops are in-stock from just £499, including free UK mainland delivery. View our Cheap Gaming Laptops >

Our laptops are often open-box returns from popular high street retailers, including Currys refurbished laptops and Argos gaming laptops. These heavily discounted laptops are shown on our website as “Like new condition”, which means it’s often just the box that is open, and the laptop inside is pretty much brand new.


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