Laptops with Fingerprint Readers

Most laptops force you to enter a password to get into the operating system. But our fingerprint laptops are different. These grant access without the need to enter a password at all, making your entire laptop experience more secure and convenient.

Laptops with fingerprint readers tend to be high-spec. Manufacturers produced most of them only in the last few years. As such, they also come with other state-of-the-art equipment to make your experience more enjoyable. Fast processors from AMD and Intel, Nvidia graphics and full HD screens or higher often come as standard. Hence, laptops with fingerprint scanners should meet all your productivity, visual processing and gaming needs.

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    At Laptop Station, we’re committed to selling refurbished laptops with fingerprint readers that offer the best possible experience. While we do receive some older models, many of the laptops we sell are brand new or nearly new. For instance, a store might order too many of a certain line or there might be a slight defect in the packaging causing buyers to reject units. Other times, they might have minor, easily-corrected faults. 

    Refurbished laptops with fingerprint scanners from us are arguably superior to those direct from the manufacturer. That’s because we perform in-depth testing on every laptop we sell while OEMs usually only test examples in batches. 

    How To Use A Laptop With A Fingerprint Scanner

    We stock laptops with fingerprint scanners from multiple brands, including Dell, Acer, Dynabook, HP, and Toshiba. These work in fundamentally similar ways. First, you need to program the fingerprint software. This process involves pressing your finger against the scanning pad multiple times so that it can build a profile of your fingerprint. The system examines all the peaks and valleys on your skin, as well as where they meet each other, sometimes called the minutiae, to build a profile it can recognise.

    Once you’ve programmed the system, only you can access your laptop. It will only unlock in response to your unique fingerprint pattern, no one else’s. 

    Modern fingerprint scanners are exceptionally accurate. You can unlock your device instantly instead of having to remember and type in a complicated password. Simply touch the pad on your laptop and it’ll open. Almost all brands perform in the same way. 

    We supply laptops with solid-state fingerprint scanners. These use capacitive technologies to measure the ridges and valleys on your finger and do not rely on optics. Solid-state systems tend to be low-maintenance, highly accurate, and remarkably reliable. 

    Why Buy A Laptop With A Fingerprint Reader?

    Buying a laptop with a fingerprint reader makes it easy to sign into your laptop. This way, you don’t have to log in using a password or PIN number. 

    It also improves security. You don’t have to write down any passwords. No security method is 100 percent foolproof but most cybersecurity experts believe fingerprint scanning is better than alphanumeric passwords.

    Order your refurbished laptop with a fingerprint reader from us today.