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Sick of laptops that take ages to load? If so, check out the refurbished laptops with SSD storage on this page. They’re snappy and come with plenty of room for all your movies, games and photos.

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    ASUS Laptop E210M - Intel Dual-Core 4GB RAM 128GB SSD 64GB eMMC 11.6" HD Screen
    ASUS Laptop M515DA - AMD Ryzen 3 8GB RAM 256GB SSD WIndows 11 Home 15.6" FHD Screen

    The Benefits Of SSD Storage Laptops

    Conventional laptops use hard disk drives (HDDs). To read or write data, a laser head had to move to the correct position on a physical disk, fire a beam, and then communicate information to the rest of the computer.

    Today, though, modern technology is letting manufacturers do things differently. SSDs or “solid-state disks” eliminate moving parts entirely. Reading and writing occur without the need for a laser head to etch information into a physical disk.

    How does it work? Simple: SDDs use non-volatile flash memory to hold data. As such, laptops with SSD storage are exceptionally reliable. They do not contain any moving parts, making them far more robust to shaking, dropping and everyday wear and tear. 

    Solid-state laptops are also super fast. They cut boot times dramatically, reduce how long it takes to install new apps and make it easy to copy files from one drive to another. 

    The lack of moving parts also makes SSDs more energy efficient. They don’t require as much power to run. Because of this, the laptop battery charge lasts longer, letting you work without a power supply all day. 

    There’s even a noise benefit. SDDs are completely silent while in operation. There is no sound of moving laser heads or disks spinning so you can use them, even while your partner sleeps next to you. 

    Lastly, SSDs tend to be smaller. The classic form factor is just 2.5” which means they easily slot into ultra-thin chassis. Manufacturers can cram in more features and components without sacrificing thickness or form factor. 

    Get Refurbished Laptops With SSD Storage From Laptop Station

    If you want to improve your laptop experience, moving over to an SSD-equipped model could be one of the best decisions you ever make. With these, you can say goodbye to annoying lag and delays while you wait for apps to load.

    Laptop Station, based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, thoroughly refurbishes each laptop sold. Our team repairs, tests, and cleans every device so that they appear nearly new. This approach is more comprehensive than regular OEMs who usually only test by the batch. Hence, when you buy a laptop from us, it’s ready to use out of the box and works every time. (If something isn’t right in the testing phase, we don’t sell it). 

    What’s more, we give you more choice. When you come to us, you can select SSD laptops from a range of brands, including HP, Lenovo, and many others. Get the screen size, processor, storage, RAM and operating system that’s most suitable for you. 

    Don’t wait any longer. Change your computing experience with an SSD laptop today.