Our refurbished laptops are excellent value, and now you can take advantage of our flexible upgrade options for an even more powerful laptop. Simply choose the options on the product page and checkout.

Available upgrade options

An extensive range of product options are available across most options. Simply choose the upgrade and we’ll do the rest. No hidden upgrade fees, the price you see is the price you pay.

→ Good to know: Not all laptops support upgrades, only compatible upgrades will be shown on the product page.

Upgrade your storage

Expand your laptop’s internal storage for more pictures, music, documents, and games.

Add extra RAM

Add more RAM to open more applications at once for a laptop that feels faster.

Add additional storage

Some laptops support a second drive, ideal for large games, photo or music collections!

Change operating system

Add or remove Windows 10 or Windows 11 including Home and Pro editions.

Extend your warranty

Get added peace of mind with the option to extend to a 24-month warranty.

Recovery media

Restore Windows to factory conditions with our handy USB recovery sticks.

Internet security

Get protection with optional internet security powered by Norton 360 Internet Security.

Office Software

Add optional Ability Office or Microsoft Office for documents, sheets, and more.

What’s involved in the upgrade?

After you have chosen, our expert technicians will then complete the appropriate upgrades, ensuring they are installed and set up. If you have chosen to upgrade or add additional components such as RAM or Storage then we only use brand new parts.

Finally, we complete thorough testing and optimisation to guarantee optimal performance and stability post-upgrade.

Why choose a laptop upgrade

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Upgrading a laptop is often more budget-friendly than buying a more expensive one with features you don’t need. Upgrading components like RAM or storage can significantly improve performance at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a higher specification laptop.

  2. Customisation: Upgrading allows you to tailor your laptop to your specific needs. You can choose the exact specifications you desire, such as more RAM or larger storage capacity, without being limited by preconfigured options in off the shelf laptops.

  3. Environmental impact: Upgrading your laptop reduces electronic waste by extending its lifespan. By maximizing the use of existing resources, you contribute to a more sustainable environment.